Business Planning


If you are looking for a complete and thorough business plan, which can attest helping get funding from banks for thousands of entrepreneurs and start-up business, our Bargain Package is for you. Thanks to our experience working with several banks, we were able to analyzed how they proceed with business plans and what information they find the most important. Obviously, you are able to work on your business plan by yourself, using such tools like: software, templates, or according to sample plans we can provide you with. On the other hand, it needs hours of researching, writing, and doubting your text, which can in the end results in losing your funding and your dream project. Is it worth it?



The Standard Package consist on all the required information, which are necessary to get the funding from banks, programs launched by government, or investors. The time for reviewing the business plan by investors takes approximately a week. It is not necessary to pay a lot of money, just to put your idea in paper. If you will contact us, we can get started on this project right away. We are proud to say that we can write a business plan, which is ready for the investors, just in 7 to 10 business day, and for a price of just £199



This type of package can provide you with a thorough industry research with full target analysis, and all will be done with professional color charts, as well as, Pro Forma Tables and complete financials. This will definitely blow your investors away, and make you stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the feedbacks from the investors about our business plans, we can now fully understand what they are expecting and provide it. The Optimum Package are done in 10 to 14 business days.